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patterning ????


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I pattern for POI vs POA information only.

I've always found a 30 inch circle to be a bit silly when equated to my realistic goals of downing a teal, dove, or smacking a turkey squarely in the face.


So what I do is mount a large paper background and then draw a life-sized duck or turkey head in the center.

Then I setup at 30 yards in a natural shooting position for the given quarry. For turkey, that's typically sitting on the ground with one knee up. For ducks, it's standing.


My shots are taken quickly, because that's the way it's going to be in the field.


After seeing where the bulk of my pattern strikes in relation to the target, I adjust my shims to put the most pellets on target.


My goal isn't to pellets in a 30 inch circle. My goal is kill something as quickly and effectively as possible.

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