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New R1 have 2 hours to sight in before hunt need ammo suggestions.


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I ordered a new R1 300 Win mag and a VX3 3.5-10x50 will get it installed and bore sighted Wednesday. I only have Thursday morning to sight in for about 2 hours and leaving Friday at noon for a west Texas Whitetail hunt. 300 Yd shots are the farthest most are 75-100 at the feeder. I just need a factory load that works decent from the start until I can handload for it and work something up. The store I do business with has some Hornady 150 sst and I picked up a box of win power points to start dialing it in. There are other bullets around I can get.



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I can't tell you an ammo that shoots the best unfortunately. But, I noticed with my hand loads regardless of powder charge on my 30-06 they shot a lot better than factory Remington Core-Locs. however they all grouped in a different spot. I think that the improved patterning was a result of more consistent powder charge. if the pattern moved significantly with each .2 grains, a small difference in powder charge between rounds would cause a larger pattern...at least that's what I think. I would try to determine what the most consistent load is and run with it. good luck on your hunt! BTW the pattern moved left, right, up, and down, unlike a bolt gun that just goes up and down.

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I guess I'm too late for your hunt. Hopefully you got yourself a nice whitetail and will post some pics when you get back. I've found in both my R1 .300 wm and .30-06 that it likes 165 gr. bullets the best. The hornady's are all good. Fusions are fantastic (my go-to round for hunting), Federal Premium and Core-lokts. The blue box federals, several Winchester premium loads and white box, plus any eastern block ammo shoot like poo. Barnes copper TTSX shoot Ok. It also likes 180 gr. better than the 150's in the good stuff. My .300 wm barrel is very consistent with the .30-06 barrel in terms of ammo. I'm having the .300 barrel cut down to 20" and a muzzle brake put on it for a brush canon for hogs. We'll see how well it shoots when I get it back.

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