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Benelli Montefeltro Super 90 12G.....New Owner & Questions


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Anyone know about or own a Benelli Montefeltro Super 90 12G shotgun?


I had the opportunity to buy one with a spare barrel and a nice case......just don't know if its a good bird or duck gun (that I'm looking for)


What's the shotgun model directed towards?


I would want it solely for a pheasant, dove, and duck gun


I wasn't sure what purpose it was designed for......the gun, two barrels, and case were too cheap to pass up, so I bought it all

The receiver says Heckler & Loch on one side and Montefeltro Super 90 on the other


The barrels say Benelli and Magnum Cal 12 CL


What size shells does this one take?


What about replacement stocks......are any stocks found on other Benelli model shotguns interchangeable with the Monte Super 90?

Each barrel has a choke installed


The chokes are flush with the end of the barrel have appear to have 4 notches. Is there a special tool to remove these?


Will the chokes be marked?

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Start by downloading the manual to become familiar with it:



It's primarily a field gun. It will be a great hunter.

Any 12 gauge choke tool can remove the chokes and yes, they will be marked. I don't know if the 4 notches you mention are the choke tool notches or the choke ID notches. The takedown notches are larger and are at 12-3-6-9 on the clock. The ID notches will be tiny notches right next to one another. Four of those indicate Improved Cylinder chokes.

It's an older import as noted by the HK markings. Current versions have the option of polymer stocks but why bother? It'll be expensive to replace and it's a good looking gun just like it sits.

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Any M1 stock or does it have to be a Super 90 M1?


Nothing from the M2 line will fit?


No, M2 stocks will not fit. The interface between the trigger housing and the stock are different Additionally, the M2 receiver tapers inward at the rear and above the trigger whereas the M1 receiver is flat.

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