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m2 sling adapter oem buttstock and this sling

filthy phil

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That sling plate was originally designed to use the HK 3-point sling. The hook fits the front attachment point and there's an attachment on the sling that fits right into the slot on the plate in the stock:



I don't know why Benelli keeps using that plate design since it isn't conducive to using other types of attachments. Someone, I can't remember who, makes a replacement plate that takes the quick-detach sling swivels.


Edit: found it: http://shopnoveske.com/collections/parts/products/benelli-qd-sling-plate They also make a replacement that takes the HK-style Hook as well.

The sling you're using was designed for field-style attachment points. Not really optimal for that shotgun, especially the stock attachment as you've found. You can cobble stuff together and make things work but that usually ends up being less than satisfying than getting something that works in the first place. And you usually end up spending more money in the long run than if you went another way to begin with. At least that's what some have told me. I've NEVER had that happen myself.:rolleyes:

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yeah that piece costs more than the sling but thanks for the effort.

might just order the hardware, cut out that gaudy buckle, and have that kz sling attached..

but thatll prolly be over $20 too smh.


edit: I just need an hk91 sling and a rail mounted loop attachment for the front

(my extension clamp has a bolt on rail piece)


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