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Hammer flops fore and after following replacement - need advice please


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I recently replaced the hammer, trigger and disconnector in my M4 with the FFT combo. I carefully followed the excellent pictorial guide posted in this forum and I don't believe I made any mistakes but I could be wrong. I have fired the M4 since without issue however here's the reason I'm posting.


When not cocked, the hammer is free to "float" fore and aft making a bit of noise A friend with another M4 mentioned to me that this doesn't seem right as his stock hammer doesn't do this.


Is this a problem or a non-issue?



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Decocked it will flop around fore and aft. When the hammer is cocked it should be held by the trigger sear.


That's it exactly. With the hammer decocked, if I peer through the side of the receiver while tipping it fore and aft, I can see the hammer move forward about .25-.5" and it makes a click sound as it contacts the bolt carrier/firing pin. Normal?

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Completely normal. The OEM hammer does the same thing.


Just make sure you perform the safety check on the fire control group after changing or disassembling any trigger group. The full test is outlined at the end of the tear down post.


Thanks for the confirmation. I just wanted to be absolutely certain that this was normal. I wonder why the hammer in a friend's M4 doesn't do this...? At any rate, you've given me peace of mind. Thanks again!

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