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Help with M1 Super 90 converstion


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I have a couple of M1's super 90's and am considering converting one to a hunting rifle for fowl. I have a few questions.


1 Does a M1 & M2 use the same barrels? Looing fr a 26-28" ribbed barrel.


2 Where can I find factory chokes and wrench?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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1.) There are two things that define a M1 and M2 barrel: the collar and the choke type.


The Collar is a threaded chamber with rivets and the ejector. The M1 collar does not have a shoulder, the M2 does. This shoulder will prevent most M1 forearms from being attached (Late M1s had a cut-out for the shoulder) All M2 forearms will accept a shoulder or smooth taper.


You can use a M2 barrel on a M1, you will need to file away plastic , use a surefire light, or use the matching M2 forearm.




M2 Barrels use the "Crio Extended choke tubes", M1 use the older "mobil chokes"






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There's another issue to deal with. Whether you can use a M2 forearm on an M1 depends on how old the M1 is. Earlier M1's had a different mag tube diameter than some of the newer versions. A M2 forearm will fit some of the newer M1's. Not the earlier generations. For those you would have to go the M1 forearm modification route. There used to be a whole thread here with pictures, measurements, and everything but for some reason that old link doesn't work any more.

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