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Break in? Dont need no stinkin break in!


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Fired for the first time today an M4 I have been building over the winter months. Excellent results with one exception. First 7 rounds were Remington Express 00 9 pellet buck. Next 10 round were Federal low recoil Flight Control 00 9 pellet buck. Then 25 more rounds of Remington Express. All ammo performed flawlessly. Only issue was that I couldnt get 7 rounds of either shell in the CC 7 rnd mag (6 rounds no problem, the 7th was about 1/8 in from fitting). No problem getting 7 rounds of dummy ammo in the mag. Any thoughts on this?


My thanks to all here who offered advice in building this M4, especially SD. It is on heavy side at 10.8 lbs, but the weight wasnt particularly noticeable when firing the gun. Might be after a day of lugging it around, but this is not how it will be used.

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If you were a legitimate 1/8" from getting them all in there, http://freedomfightertactical.com/products-page/miscellaneous-benelli-m4-parts/the-freedom-fighter-tacticalwolff-gunsprings-premium-shotgun-spring/ They are slightly shorter (1 less coil), and the wire diameter is also slightly lesser. Tension will be less, but should be adequate.

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