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Benelli M4 (11707) heat shield recommendations please


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I have been using my trusty M4 for several 3 gun tournaments lately and its been running extremely well. However, on some stages I shoot around 30 shells in about 60 seconds and have burnt my hand a few times. I wound rather not wear gloves and the only heat shield I see available online is the ATI setup which requires using their forend as well.


Can anyone point me in the direction of a high quality and reliable heat shield for this weapon?


Thanks in advance!

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I have a pair or two of those.......they do work well


Yep. I forget which one's I wear. Same ones I saw Kyle Lamb with in one of his videos. I was going to take a class from him and watched videos of him to get ideas of what I needed for support gear like gloves, earpro, etc.




I think mine are the "utility". They have the fake looking soft leather palms and fingers. I can actually remove a suppressor that is pretty darn hot if I am FAST! The gloves to not melt (at least, not fast).


Get a set that when you starfish your hand out wide, the palm is TIGHT and your fingertips press HARD against the ends of the fingers while still allowing full extension of all digits. The gloves get a tiny bit looser with use, and if you get one that fits PERFECT when new, it will allow slop between the tips of fingers and the glove later. No bueno!


They are cheap. You don't near Oakley Assault gloves or whatever. Mine have held up to several carbine courses and lots of shooting on my own time. Judging by the wear on them, though, GET GLOVES! Don't want that to be your hand, I promise!

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