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M4 for Turkey???


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Seriously. Going on a private jet/guided turkey hunt in November at a full service all inclusive ranch for week with four other guys for a hunt of, at least my, a lifetime.


I have a Benelli M4 and will use that.


Still trying to to figure out what choke and Nitro shells combination. Any help would greatly appreciated. But do I have to have a shell limiter as well?


Never hunted turkey before so SUPER newbie.


~ David

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Generally, migratory game birds, i.e., ducks, geese, etc., are the only ones that have a magazine capacity restriction. Unless there's some specific state restriction, you should be GTG. There are all manner of "turkey" chokes out there. Depends on the terrain but usually some version of a full choke is called for. Three inch #5 & #6 shot are common loads. Again, there are a bazillion makes/load/size combos out there. Your target is the head so you want something that is going to give you a tight pattern at distance. Since you've got time, try out a handful of different loads with the chokes that came with the gun. Pick the combo that works best out of your gun.

Oh yeah. If the gun in your sig-line is the one you'll be using, be prepared for the ribbing/kidding/grief you're gonna get from the traditional crowd.

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Yep, that's the one I'm gonna use! The only other shotgun I have is a Browning Cynergy O/U. Great gun for clays and upland. But I think this will be perfect for turkey. I have a Bushnell Holosight on it and will zero/pattern it for 40 yds.


But thanks for the info and slight ribbing as well!


~ David

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I'm going to try and put some kind of camo effect on it - NOT TAPE - but somehow put something on it that will not impede use but kinda hide the gun. I already have a call in to Nitro for shell/choke combo.


Also, I'm going all"camp" in my clothing either. I will get a good face cover but for clothing, I'm going to use stuff that I can also wear on the street without looking like one of the Robertson's!


My Holosight should work great especially at +/- yo yards.

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