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need help with new M2


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I just got a new m2 in 20 gauge. It functions fine with turkey loads but with remington heavy dove loads the bolt gets hung up on the way back. The top of the bolt is wedged against the bottom of the barrel extension.


When I got the gun i could hardly get it to go together. I sanded the top of the barrel extension with 400 grit sandpaper and finally got it to go together.


Do I just need to shoot it more to break it in? Rob Roberts told me that these guns need to be shot more than the earlier guns. My other benellis give me no problems


I have shot 100 rounds through the gun bring to break it in. I have cleaned the entire gun and still have issues.


Any ideas would be appreciated. I was thinking of polishing the top of the bolt and bottom of the barrel extension. I can't send it back to benelli because i have had a trigger job, forcing cones lengthened, and the gun camp dipped.

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If you've got a buddy with another M2, borrow his barrel for a range session and see if the problem persists. Put your barrel on his receiver as well and see if it experiences the same issue. At least the cause of the problem might be narrowed down that way, i.e., cross threaded extension, out of spec bolt, etc. One of my old M1's had the annoying habit of doing the "Benelli Click" (locking head not rotating fully into battery causing a failure to fire) at the most inconvenient times. I switched locking heads between that gun and another one. Funny thing, the problem went away in the first gun and has never showed up in the gun I switched heads with.

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It doesn't mean you have a kink in the mag tube, it could have a gentle slope in it which will not affect the feeding but will misalign the barrel/bbl extension. Also, like Truckcop says, you could have a barrel issue (hanger alignment, extension threads, barrel threads). Switching the parts is a good idea to help narrow the problem.

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