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You seemed to be well plugged into shotgunning. Where can I find out about a Berreta "S686 - Special" that I bought in the early 1980's? It's 12ga, choked IC/IM and fits me like a glove. I used it at the Oris Shooting School up in Vermont and after being measured by their gunsmiths; they could offer no improvement in fit. Do pretty respectable on grouse with it. I'm curious about the "Special" designation. It's a great gun, but doesn't seem any different than any other 686 to me. Is that a model, or something different about it? I tried Beretta's website to no avail.



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Actually, my true love is rifles.

My secret is that I know how to use Google.



The 686 Special appears to have been produced between 1980 - 1984.


You can obtain more information from this website.



Click "Historical Catalogs" "Accept" "1980-1984"

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Originally posted by The_Gun_Guy:

yeah it looks like you used a lot of talent to type: "S686 Special"

If you'd bothered to read the post, you would have seen that I fully disclosed the means of obtaining the information.


Weren't you preaching on here a while back?

Isn't envy considered to be a deadly sin?


Sorry so long getting back to you on this one GG.

I was out of town touring topless bars all weekend.


[ 06-05-2005, 08:49 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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I have a S686 Special Beretta and contact with Beretta USA, several years ago produced this info.

Tucker is correct on years of manufacture. There were two versions of the gun, S686 Special and S686Special "Lightweight" designated by a gold "L" on the trigger guard.The lightweight gun was true to it's name, less than 6 lb. Recoil is horrendous with heavy loads.

They were produced with 2.75" and 3.0" chambers with 3.0" being more prevelant. Beretta(Italy) can give more info but you must contact them by letter as all e-mail from the US is returned to BerettaUSA. Hope this is helpful.


Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A Via Pietro Beretta 18

25063 Gardone Val Trompia

Brescia, Italy

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Thanks cherok. Mine has 2-3/4" chambers; not a "Lightweight." I only used it for grouse and woodcock, and the occasional rabbit if I was in the mood and the shot was a challenge. Used a #7-1/2 Remington "high brass" in the IC barrel and a #6 Winchester XX high brass in the IM barrel when hunting. After being too busy to use it for a few years, I took it with me up the Catskills last weekend and shot (at) a box of skeet. I used to reload 10 gallon drums full of AA's and had a few one gallon pails still sitting around. After some humbling frustration and needing two shots to break each bird ... things started coming back. I started to remember why I enjoyed shotguns so much too. A lot of fun. Really like the gun. Now if Benelli will only send my dealer the shotgun barrel for my SBEII slug gun. LOL

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