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For Sale: Benelli Factory M4 M1 Muzzle Brake / Compensator / Breacher


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So from this video one can conclude that a special muzzle device is unnecessary for 'door breaching' (aka state sanctioned thuggery).


The methods of breaching with and without a device differ. I still recommend that one NOT attempt breaching without proper training and certainly stick to whichever method they were instructed, i.e., don't think just because one has learned the proper method with a muzzle device that they can safely proceed without that attachment.

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How 'bout yet another safety warning?


Sure. Don't look down the barrel, especially while someone else is holding the trigger end.




My last post was not actually meant as another safety warning, rather as a realization that it looks like several have been poo pooing on the attachment in H&K's very own for sale thread, myself included (which was not my intention). It was to clarify that if one wants the attachment, go on and get it inspite of the comments about state sanctioned thuggery and Marines who don't use it.

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For Sale
: Factory Benelli OEM M4 M1 M2 M3 Muzzle Brake / Compensator / Breacher comes with the Choke adaptor.


Most ammunition can be fired thru the choke because it does not taper down.


Rare part, If your Benelli has a removable choke then this will fit

Very tacticool.


i have a limited quantity available.


$299 shipped


all forms of payment accepted including PayPal. No extra fees.



(909) 659-1050



Benelli M4 Collapsible stocks $249

Benelli M4 7 Round Magazines $139


All New Factory OEM Spare parts.

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