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Benelli SBE II Ammunition Slug


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I seem to have a problem finding the right ammunition (Slug) for my new Benelli SBE II. I am in South Florida and use the SBE for Hog hunting and duck (later in the year).

So far I have tried Brenneke, Lightfield, Federal, Winchester and Remington Slugs, no good all over the board. The best results so far I got from Brenneke 2 3/4, 1 1/4 oz Green Lighing or Lightfield Sabot. When I say "best" it is still far from my expectations (within 10 inch on 50 yards).

Does anyone have any insight, experience or a recommendation of accurate ammunition (Slugs) ?

Thanks you.

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I found the premier copper solid by Remington, but it says: "Designed specifically for use in fully rifled barrels", I have a smoothbore, so you would still recommend this amo for my situation ?

Also I could not find a rifled choke tube for a Benelli SBE II any recommendations ?

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Copper solids, or ANY sabot slug for that matter, are only designed to be fired from rifled barrels. I don't shoot slugs from my SBE but my best results from my M4/M1's are with Federal Truball and Brenneke slugs. Generally, they tend to group better out to 50 yards with the lower velocity versions.

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