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Rafaello outside barrel threded chokes


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Trying to visualize such thing. Hard to imagine. Are you saying you also have chokes for it?? Pictures!?


No. I only have the cap/choke that came on it. Vizualize a threaded cap not unlike you would use on a rifle that you took a muzzle brake off of. It is definitely factory made. The barrel is also a couple of inches shorter.

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Old posting here:



Benelli also made a "practical" M1 that included a muzzle brake but I don't think it had the serrated edge of that one. It was designed for competition. The Rafaello doesn't seem to be the type of gun such a device would be useful for. Did you buy the gun NIB or was it used? Perhaps a previous owner installed the threaded device. Still somewhat unclear as to your barrel. Are the outside threads on a screw-in choke-like device or is the barrel itself threaded on the outside. hint: PICTURES!

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Let me try one more time. Please read carefully.

Since I doubt seriously that the barrel itself is threaded on the outside, I'm going to assume that the muzzle of your barrel looks like the first picture above in roofless's post. That thing sticking out with the threads on it screws into the end of your barrel. It also screws out. Hopefully your gun came with a choke wrench. (If it didn't, use a quarter.) Use the choke wrench to unscrew (counterclockwise) that device from the barrel. You can then screw in standard chokes. Benelli barrels are flared a tiny bit in the last few inches to accommodate those screw-in chokes.

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