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Carriercomp mag tube and spring with GG&G follower


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You might try some different ammo to see if that makes a difference. Numerous threads on this site will show you that variations in shell length can affect the capacity of the tube. Additionally, how much length of spring extends out of the front of the tube before installing the mag cap? As I recall, CC uses Wolff springs which may be longer than needed and when compressed may not allow enough room for the expected number of shells in the mag. A bit of trimming may be in order. Again, there have been a number of posts on the site regarding this issue as well.

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Hello truckcop, I have tried several different ammo brands and none I have will allow me to load seven. The Wolff spring extends a good bit in front of the tube. I don't really know where to start looking for other post on the subject. But thanks for letting me know there are post to search for. I'll try to search for Wolff springs. I think that is most likely the problem. Thanks again.

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I have sold many "socomguy" steel 7 rd tubes over the years, when I get asked about the spring my advice is to first try the original spring. If you have satisfactory feed and function, especially on the last round, you are good to go... and loading that 7th is a lot easier besides, otherwise go with a longer spring, but be prepared to cut it down until you get the full 7 without having to beat the last one in.

Oh' and I still have a couple of tubes ready for immediate shipment... info/questions at [email protected]

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