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Brand new gas system, questions and pictures.


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I bought a new gas system for my r1 300 win mag from numrich gun parts corp. Seems a lot better than the factory original mine has currently. I do have some questions though.


Does anybody know what torque the gas manifold needs to be torqued to? There is also a little set screw in the top of it where it mates to the barrel. Is this an adjustment, or do I even need to worry about that.


Here's a picture of the kit, it has new screws for the manifold and pins that push on the bolt, I just didn't put them in the picture. The shaft seems hard chromed, and the piston seems to be a much better material. It is 2 piece an should resist fouling and damage much better. Materials all feel better and have a better finish I believe. Very impressed.


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On the set screw put a little dab of Loctite on it and just turn it until it stops. No pressure or torqueing. This will get very hot and expand with shooting. No set torque on the manifold screws. Use blue Loctite and tighten them from the inside out opposite sides like a head bolt pattern on an engine. Tight enough to where they all stop with the same amount of snugness. Don't gorilla fist them into oblivion.

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It is a better system than the previous ones. A couple of more notes on use and assembly. The main screw in the receiver that holds the long cylinder plunger pin in may have Loctite on it and a heat gun may be needed to heat it and loosen the Loctite. It is also wise to put a dab of Loctite on these threads when reassembling. The main barrel nut (with the big spring)...there are no indicator marks anymore. Simply tighten this until it comes to a complete stop. The spring tension will hold the necessary tension on the barrel. Still keep it clean and lightly oiled but yes it does last better than the old system.

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