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Recoil Spring Tube replacement on a Supersport


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I've never had good luck with strap wrenches to take the tube off. I've never dealt with the Supersport but it must be pretty much the same as the SBE's/M1's/M2's that I've done. The surface of the tube is very smooth and no matter how tight I get the strap it always slips. The first thing you're going to have to do is heat up the area where the tube screws into the receiver. A quick search here will find a number of threads on this topic. You can probably find a video or three on YouTube as well. The original Benelli thread locker is usually quite strong and it takes a good bit of head to loosen it up enough to turn the tube. I replaced a number of OEM tubes with SureCycle tubes so I never worried about damaging the OEM tube when taking it off. I found that a pipe wrench ( :eek: ) works just fine for removal. The SureCycle tubes have a hole that can be used stick a phillips head screwdriver or appropriate sized punch through to tighten them back up and loosen them again if necessary. Putting your replacement back on will depend on what you're replacing the OEM with but it can probably be tightened sufficiently with a strap wrench in conjunction with a little blue Loctite applied to the threads.

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I think I would prefer to replace my part with a factory part since I have had good luck cycling anything I shoot. (light factory loads for trap). The SureCycle looks like an upgrade but seem risky since it would void the warranty and it may not cycle the light loads. It's too bad the factory tube doesn't have holes in it near the receiver to put a tool through it to remove and reinstall the tubes. I wonder how the factory does it.

Thanks for the information.


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