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M2 hanguard options


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What are you looking for? Rails? Lights? Looks? Feel? As noted, Surefire has/had a couple of versions of their forends w/lights. They haven't listed them for a while but you can still find them on ebay and GunBroker. Rails, not so much. Looks, not so much. Freedom Fighter Tactical has a replacement forend but it pretty much looks the same as the OEM. If you don't like the feel you could probably find one of the older M1 versions that aren't quite as sleek-looking but they do feel different. The only problem with that is that you'll have to do some slight mods to get it to fit correctly.

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The issue with the M1 vs M2 is that the biggest outside diameter of the magazine tubes are different in different generation guns. The earliest HK imports had a smaller (or larger, I don't remember which) diameter and the forend for those guns won't fit properly over the M2 mag tube. The later generation HK imports had the same diameter as the M2. The trick is finding the right M1 forend. Then, other modifications have to be made to get it to fit the M2 barrel. The lug on the M2's barrel ring are longer than the ones on the M1 so the forend has to be modified at that point. Also, the M2 barrel has a ring at the rear of the barrel tube that the M1 didn't have. The forend has to be slightly modified there as well. There used to be a whole thread here about all this but it's no longer accessible. Here are some pics that went along with that thread that show some of the differences.

Different M1 mag tubes



Different M1 Forends


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