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Benelli M4 and ATI Raven questions


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The ATI forend and heat shield are compatible with the 7 shot tube. However, the Tube Picatinny Rail Shroud will not fit unless you figure out a way to shim the tube. Perhaps you could wrap the tube in a thin sheet of material to build it out to the diameter of the ATI tube. The standard tube has a diameter of 25.33 mm and the Rail Shroud is made to fit the ATI extension tube with a 27.6 mm diameter.

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You chose wisely.


Go see HK and get an OEM collapsible stock, then get yourself a Carriercomp magazine tube/follower/spring. Throw in a Geiselle hammer and a FFT trigger and disconnector. You'll be set for 922® compliance.


Avoid the picatinny rail mounts that attach to the magazine tube or replace your forearm. They complicate disassembly and add a ton of weight. If you're looking for a weapon light mounting solution, look no further than Ava Tactical.

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Any time. ATI will probably come and throw a tantrum at me again.


Without a doubt. The M4's a slightly overweight platform to begin with. So any time you can chop weight, eliminate a corrosion point and end up with a magazine tube that matches the shotgun better than any other offerings is a win. Their magazine spring is the best one out there and the follower is great too. The only bad is they can take a while to get. I spoke with Marcy today and she said they should be down to the 3.5 month time frame now.





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Your needs should be covered. Now you can focus on wants.


The only shell carrier I recommend is the 3 gun gear Velcro card system. The other add a ton of weight and thickness to the receiver. I find loading from California competition belt mounted speed loaders to be much faster.


I like the following:

TTI replacement shell elevator

Dmw oversized safety

Gg&g oversized bolt release

Ava Tactical Light Mount

IWC MOE rear QD sling mount

Blueforcegear VCAS padded QD sling

Meprolights night sights

Scalarworks top rail if you want to go the Trijicon RMR route

FFT trigger and disconnector as good

Geiselle hammer

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