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truly automatic shotgun


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Did you buy it used, has there been a trigger job done on it? Just saying because some folks sell off their problems. In any case, if it has not acted like this in the past, I would pull out the trigger assembly and check for trash/debris in the assembly. I would also remove the trigger. Just insert a punch from left to right only as far as needed to release the trigger (not the drop lever spring) it makes it easier to reassemble. There might be a lot of debris under the trigger that is keeping it from resetting properly. Also check for cracks in the guard itself and function of the trigger disconnect. The shell may be popping out because the hammer is not staying back and keeping the drop lever tripped. If possible I would do a complete trigger assembly teardown as there may be built up debris under the hammer keeping it and the trigger from resetting properly. Often I have found a small piece of lead shot lodged between the trigger and the safety that can cause this malfunction so clean it over a clean table and see what falls out.

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There are a few different ways this can occur on this platform. You need to disassemble your bolt carrier and ensure that your firing pin is not broken and creating a slam fire situation.


If the bolt carrier checks out and the firing pin is moving freely, move on to the next step.


Pull out the trigger pack and perform the following safety test;

1. Place the weapon on safe. Pull the trigger. Did the hammer fall? No? Move on to step 2.

2. Take the weapon off safe. Control the descent of the hammer when you pull the trigger. Did the hammer fall? Yes? Move on to step 3.

3. With the trigger still pulled to the rear, re-cock the hammer. Did the hammer engage the disconnector or did it fall? If the hammer is held by the disconnector, release the trigger. Did the hammer slip off the disconnector and engage the trigger sear? Or did the hammer fall completely?


Repeat this step several times to ensure that it is functioning correctly.


Beyond this, you're getting into more difficult to diagnose territory and you might be best served by sending it back to Benelli. You can look at your sear contact points and look for modification/damage to components. You could try replacing parts and components randomly, but this isn't an efficient method unless you have those parts on hand or another like weapon.

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