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I have a M2 tactical. If I pull the bolt open it doesn't lock open. If I let the bolt go forward a little then the lifter comes up and if I then pull the bolt back it will lock open, put then the bolt release will not release the bolt, I have to reach in and push the lifter down to get the bolt to close. Help

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When you manually pull the bolt back the bolt should not initially lock open unless there are no shells in the magazine tube AND you have pressed the shell release lever (the silver tab close to the trigger).



The area you are finding that the bolt stays open is not really “locked open”. That is the why the bolt release does to work. The bolt is hanging on lifter dog. This bit of geometry does not happen when there are shells coming out of the mag tube.



So the answer to you question is “No”, this is not a problem. If you manually cycle the bolt and get it the hang in the open position then just push the lifter to get the bolt loose again, but this is not going to happen when firing.

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Thanks for the info Steve, the Benelli just works/loads different than the other shotguns I use. With them I just pull the bolt back till it locks open, drop a shell in the chamber, push bolt release which closes the bolt and than add shells to the magazine. It will just take getting use to a different method of loading.

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