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Factory barrel defect---what do you think?


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I have a chance to get a new SBEII type Crio barrel------the barrel only. The problem is that something looks screwy with the muzzle end of the barrel. With the factory crio choke seated in the barrel, the top of the choke is recessed almost one-eighth of an inch down inside. Any screw in choke I have ever seen is pretty much flush with the muzzle unless it is an extended type. This is recessed down INTO the barrel. I think it maybe it is a factory screwup.


Please, I would appreciate any input regarding this situation.

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As best as I can tell it does meet evenly down inside the barrel. I guess I was concerned mainly about the buildup of carbon in the gap between the top of the choke and the top of the muzzle. It might make it harder to remove the choke after a while. Plus, as a more minor concern, it looks kind of goofy. Thanks for your comment.

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Thanks for the comments you guys. It is good to know that there are other barrels like this out there. Maybe I will just get an extended choke and forget about it.


I DO have a concern that some of the aftermarket extended choke tubes may bottom out on top of the barrell where they expand larger outside of the muzzle----before they seat against the barrel "shelf" inside the gun.


[ 03-04-2006, 01:42 PM: Message edited by: Remy ]

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