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Out of control M4 SBS project


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Thanks! I was lucky to get it from you as a "used" mount - very little use was evident.


QD system was acquired from Mesa Tactical - appears to be very robust but until I run a tactical shotgun class I won't really know.


i haven't see StrangerDanger's method.


So you don't have to look back at the first post here are the current additions:


* KZ oversized charging handle

* DMW oversized safety

* DMW Speed Bar

* Taran Tactical stainless lifter

* Taran Tactical mag tube follower

* Scalarworks BOR

* Trijicon RMR

* Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock with Limbsaver pad

* Mesa Tactical Urbino stock aluminum shell carrier

* Mesa Tactical rear QD mount

* AVA 0.8 light mount

* Surefire Lumamax 170 lumens

* Blue Force Vickers 221 padded sling



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This is the result, it requires surgery, and not sure what stocks it would/would not work on.. this is a factory pistol grip assembly as part of a C stock.


You drill a metal retainer and thread it, replacing a roll pin. This holds the QD cup in place.


After running the M4, this is not my favorite place for the rear QD, I prefer it on the end of the stock now...








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In 2011 I described a modification to a Mesa QD Sling for M4 platform.The Mesa part must be modified to be installed on the M4.


As a general rule.....ALWAYS modify the least expensive part or the part that is most readily replaceable / available.


In this case, do NOT modify your butt stock pin aperture; rather, reduce the external diameter of the inexpensive 2-part "screw" from Mesa that replaces the OEM roll pin.


You can chuck the 2 part screw in a drill press / lathe and use a file / or 80-grit sand paper to reduce the diameter; go slow and trial fit the parts. Performing the reduction with the 2-parts assembled will avoid distorting the internal threads. Importantly, IF you don't like its use later, then remove the screw, replace the OEM roll pin and your gun art remains absolutely the same.


IF you desire any other details just speak up.



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