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Carrier Comp Magazine ?


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so i picked up a used M4 from the local candystore about 2 months ago. it already had a bunch of upgrades already on it such as: mesa urbino stock, carrier comp pic rail, and the magazine was replaced. i know the pic rail is carrier comp cause its stamped in the side of it, but the magazine isnt marked carrier comp...just what is below in the pic. my ? is, is it carrier comp or FFT? i figured its kip's because the rail was his so the magazine is probably as well.


btw, i paid 1450 otd for it. easily 98% and it shoots like a champ. i figured it already had $400 in good aftermarket parts in it (all parts i would have changed to anyway from a new one)....so i basically paid $1000 for a LNIB M4.


thx for the help guys


m4 magazine.jpgm4 magazine.jpg

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The threading looks like a carriercomp unit to me. So does the DG color pattern. The FFT units don't match the barrel color very well.

I would defer to SD's knowledge base here.


It must be my monitor because in the pics I see above the color match is not so good. That's what got me to look at each website thinking they may list their respective stamp markings.





"All full length finished Titanium magazine tubes are made in the United States, and are therefore compliant with 922®. For good measure, every magazine tube manufactured by FFT is stamped "Made in USA." In addition, the Titanium magazine tubes are also stamped "Titanium.""





"Mag tube is fashioned from certified 3AL-2.5V titanium alloy for strength and durability unsurpassed in the industry. Rated capacity up to seven rounds in the tube matching its military counterpart. Weighing in at just over half the weight of the replaced factory parts (52%). Stamped "US" and "TITANIUM" to denote 922® compliance, all with unparalleled fit, finish, and durability that never corrodes!"


Probably best to not compare stamps but as SD points out to compare color match as CC's is good and FFT is not. My CC tube matches the barrel color exactly. Better than the OEM tube did.

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