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922r in regards to the MR1? What address to mail a letter to ATF?


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So I have seen tons of posting regarding the 922r in regards to the M4. Nothing specific to the MR1. So I'm trying to wrap my head around things to be sure I ask the RIGHT questions in a letter to the ATF. I figured I needed to write a letter for clarification on the foreign parts count for an MR1. I have no clue what parts the ATF are considering in the count on the MR1. Or is the 922r even applicable to the MR1. I'm not sure if there were limits on its importation configuration?


The reason for concern... I want to know if I might be able to add the collapsible stock as I am a shorter: 5 foot 7 inches. I have had issues with rifles being too long, stock wise, for me in the past. I wanted the collapsible stock to be able to adjust the stock length to fit my frame. From what I understand going from the stock pistol grip that is on the MR1 and moving to the collapsible stock would bump the foreign count up by one. (as the collapsible is considered 2 and the fixed is considered1?)


Was the MR1 importable with the collapsible stock installed? Or was the RX4 ever "allowed" for importation even thought the platform never went anywhere? I know the collapsible stock was marketed for sale to LEOs. Would that negate the need for 922r as its addition is not changing it to "non-importable" status?


What about going from the 5 round magazine to a USA made 30rd Magpul Emag? Does this have any effect on the importation restrictions of the MR1? Or on the 922r?


Hopefully this is not a rehash. Search has been a bit unyielding for me. Also how the heck does one get an address for the ATF. I was looking on their site and was not seeing a address to write to with my 922r concerns?


Thanks you guys....

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I also saw this thread and it made me even more curious:



Post #13:

Actually, I'm not so sure we're connecting on this point. Here's the exact wording of the law that has everyone stirred up:

18 U.S.C. § 922®, specifically states the following: It shall be unlawful for any person to assemble from imported parts any semiautomatic rifle or any shotgun which is identical to any rifle or shotgun prohibited from importation under the…[GCA]…Section 925(d)(3).as not being particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes ….

Of course it rambles on for several more pages, but the crux is with the MR1, we are not assembling an "identical" rifle or shotgun which is prohibited from anything. There is no limitation on importation of the Benelli MR1.


I believe we are pretty quick to run up the white flag on issues before we go read the entire provision (I have done that a couple of times in the past 2-3 days). I believe any good defense attorney would have a cakewalk with this case, because when he asked the first prosecution witness if they if they have read and understand the entire code - they're goners. If they say yes, then all he needs to do is ask them to explain this provision.


As a final "twist of the bayonet" in the guv's gut, I bought my rifle from Academy Sporting Goods in Texas, bought the collapsible stock from a Benelli dealer, in the USA, and the owners manual clearly shows (verbiage and diagrams) exactly how to remove and install this stock on my weapon, and both the owners manual, and parts manual include the numbers. (By the way the recoil spring tube was pre-notched at the factory for this stock)


I don't want to come off like some kind of smart aleck, but it's time for gun owners to start learning the letter of the law - because that's hat we're held to. It's my understanding that no one has ever been prosecuted for violation of this statute on it's own. I don't know about that, but I would bet my case on the prosecutor relying on what someone else told him this law says - not what he's read.


Laws are to protect the common good - so let's start using them that way! - Chuck

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I've never been sure why so many gun enthusiasts are so eager to kick the bees nest.


Reminds me of the "company" people down where I work.


I agree with the above post about white flagging. Some people are scared their shadow might get them in trouble out of blind ignorance.


It comes up almost to an annoying extent in the gun building forums. Or laser or car building as well. I know the laws. Please don't tell me to do such and such. I will chose to follow them as I see required. If I get in trouble then it is my fault! Criminals wouldn't heed your warnings or even be interested in the topics anyway. They are mostly harassment laws by the towards the gun enthusiasts out of spite, fear, or a combination of the ATF. And control but that's another story.


It's much too much work for the criminal level people to get mixed with acedemics such as us. Maybe once in a while a crazed lunatic, but outliers always exist. Made for truncating!! Yes sometimes a thug gets ahold of a Mac or something but that's unavoidable.


Let me take care of myself ya damn liberals! These are conservative hobbies anyway.


25 mph doesn't mean I'll do 25 at 3am coming home from work. But 3pm after public school. Sure. Completely understand. The law will never tell you to go 50 at 3am because then those school kids would get ran over left and right.


I doubt anyone will ever say anything about trying to rat you out, or even know the species that apply to you. If any noise did arise, I would quickly and quietly remove yourself from the situation as discreetly as possible. I've found discussions among adamant law followers to become heated quite rapidly. Almost none are lawyers and are under their own impression of the law, which if we all understood, lawyers and judges wouldn't exist.


Unless you're at a stiff range owned by some old faggot with an airplane, which I'd avoid anyway, odds are you'll be fine. Even if you're "caught" it doesn't mean your guilty or even charged.


Take care of yourself, and Goodluck

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I feel you Toaster, chances are any swap around on mine would never even be noticed or flagged. Just figured it might not be a bad idea to at least show an effort. :) However, odds are there would not be enough US parts available to swap around on it, and would just result in poking the sleeping dragon. Hoped maybe someone with some practical knowledge might have already asked...

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I couldn't agree more. I only hope more understand.


Let them sit and do nothing as long as they can. Any sort of contact will give them things to do and more legislature to pass without public consent for decades, possibly forever. I'm still partially at a loss why none of it has been given even thought of amending. Or challenging ANY of it. I hear a supressor act might be in the works but heard nothing about MGs or other LEGAL nfa items. If anything. Rather than clarifying their rules. Work on pushing back.


A conversation for a whole other thread. Sorry for jacking. Hope some of your worries are put to rest.


"The nail that sticks up, gets hammered down"

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