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Choke for shooting buckshot


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I wouldn't go much tighter than Improved Cylinder. Buckshot does not respond to tighter chokes in the same way that birdshot does. If you're looking for extended range out of buckshot, ammo selection is your best bet. Go with Federal loads using the Flitecontrol wads. I've found that the 00 buck patterns tighter than the 000 and the 00 Tactical (reduced recoil) loads do much better than the full-power loads. That's my guns. The Flitecontrol wads work much better with no restriction (cylinder bore choke). You should try different loads to see what patterns best in yours.

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My benelli m4 .what I have done is add the 2 shot extion tube .dont really want to do much more maybe add side caddy shell holder, it is hungry have to have shells handy to feed it . Also a light .that is all the additions I plan on doing .


I use a HEVISHOT extended range choke when I need a tighter pattern

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You really need to pattern it. I have had all sorts of combos between ammo and choke. Even different brands of 00 or 000 will prefer different constrictions. Not to mention choked. You can literally buy 2 chokes of the same constriction and get what shoot a like 2 different shotguns.


The one exception here is flite control. It does better the more open the choke in a benelli. CYL is hands down the best if you're going to use FC buck.


Combo that typically has worked well for me is Remington 2.75" 000 and mod. It consistently delivers from the m4. I have yet to find an M4 that doesn't like that combo.

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