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Gear Set-Up and Loadout


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Hi All:

This forum has been getting a little boring lately (sorry), so I figured I post some gear pictures. Please feel free to post yours as well. What follows is my set-up.

Benelli M4 w/ mounted SureFire M951-KIT02; XM07 Tail Cap Switch and M93 Picatinny Rail adapter on a GG&G Sling and Flashlight Combo Mount; GG&G Rear looped sling attachment; GG&G Tactical Charging Handle; adhesive 2" Velcro applied to the receiver for attachment of HSGI V2 5rd Shot Shell Trays.

Benelli M4 (long view):



Closer view of Velcro applied to the receiver for attachment of Shot Shell Trays. This is 2" adhesive Velcro tape (black) bought at my local home center. Prep the receiver by cleaning it with Isopropyl alcohol.

Benelli M4 receiver (closer view):



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Close up view of Velcro applied to the receiver for attachment of HGSI Shot Shell Trays. Trim the Velcro with a razor knife, making sure to leave room for the trigger guard pin.

Benelli M4 receiver (close up of applied Velcro):


HGSI V2 5rd Shot Shell Trays, with buckshot and slug rounds. I usually run Hornady 1,600 FPS 2 3/4" "Critical Defense" 00 Buck and 2,000 FPS 300gr 2 3/4" "SST" slugs. Winchester slugs are shown mounted for range use.

HSGI V2 Shot Shell Trays:


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LBT 6094-Slick Plate Carrier; CATI Armor plate; HGSI Cobra Rigger Belt (w/ interior Velcro); HGSI Sure Grip, Padded (Battle) Belt, Slotted; HGSI Double Tacos (w/ HSGI V2 5rd Shot Shell Trays); Blackhawk Quick Release Medical Pouch and a Blackhawk SERPA Belt Loop Holster fitted for the SIG P220 (combat).

The Shot Shell Trays slide easily into the Tacos. One side is Velcro backed (as is the Taco) so they can be mounted secured or (by flipping them) mounted unsecured within the Taco. The Battle Belt has 2 tray X 5rd X 2 pouches (20rd total) shot shell and 4 pouches X 10rd mag (40rd total) .45 ACP capacity.

LBT 6094-Slick Plate Carrier and HSGI Battle Belt (full view):


HGSI (Battle) Belt (w/ HSGI V2 5rd Shot Shell Trays, close up view):


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LBT-6094 Plate Carrier; CATI Armor plate; HGSI Doubled Tacos (w/ HSGI V2 5rd Shot Shell Trays and SIG 10rd .45 ACP mags); Blackhawk Quick Release Medical Pouch, Blackhawk water bladder reservoir, HGSI Cobra Rigger Belt (w/ interior Velcro); HGSI Micro Grip Belt Panel; HGSI Triple Taco (w/ SIG 8rd .45 ACP mags); SureFire P2X Fury Tactical flashlight, Blackhawk L2 SERPA Tactical (drop leg) Holster fitted for the SIG P220 (combat) and an ESEE 4 knife with Kydex molle backed sheath.

Like the Battle Belt, the Plate Carrier Tacos accept an additional Shot Shell Tray mounted to Velcro on the exterior face of the Taco. The Plate Carrier has 3 tray X 5rd X 4 pouches (60rd total) shot shell and 4 pouches X 10rd mags (40rd total) .45 ACP capacity.

The Blackhawk SERPA Tactical (drop leg) Holster and an HGSI Triple Taco is also mounted to the Rigger Belt for separate use (additional 3 pouches X 8rd mags (24rd total).

LBT 6094 Modular Plate Carrier and HSGI Rigger Belt (full view):


LBT 6094 Modular Plate Carrier (w/ HSGI V2 5rd Shot Shell Trays, close up view):


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I have a hard time with 4 pockets.. You in the service I take it?



Not sure how you get those shells out easily.

Id probably just dump most of that in a backpack loose. I'm not like you though in the organized way. I build my own flashlights and lasers. I have some lint. Matches and lighters in sealed units.


Been em looking into armor. Mostly what I can't get through with my .308. I feel like that may be the new standard for 2 legged predators. Or 5.7. Or tokarev or 10, or even hot 9, steel core. Seems very little is good enough to bear the weight.


Looking at steel plates. It's a shame the dragon plates aren't available to us afaik. Armor always lags though. Unfortunately.


Ramble ramble starting to sound like m1014... Haha


my m4 is mostly stock. Got a $$$ kit to give to ^^^ with more $$$ to make something snazzy. No gear though. Just a poor civilian that likes guns. The M4 is my baby though, so it goes to the specialist. Yeah this forum is a bit dead though. What else are you on?

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Thank you for the NICE replies. I'll try to answer as best as I can. First up, NO, I've never served in the military and I am (and always will be) a "civilian." I have many friends who have served or are active duty, and will always respect the **** out of all of them. USMC are my favorite guys (sorry). Please, no misconceptions about me.


That said, I have "enjoyed" a 30 year "public safety" career. I've been with or treated more than a thousand GSW victims, many who have died. I've experienced each caliber and type of weapon and witnessed, first hand, their effectiveness. Yes, I've received (and continue to participate in) weapons and tactics training. I'm no expert and never will be, but I enjoy what I do. Even if I'm old. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not and never will. My experiences, observations and opinions are my own, for what they are worth (which may not be much).

I live and work in a dense urban environment that is a "high value" target. Each week ("we") intercept multiple "threats." Most of them you never hear about. Some you do. It's only a matter of time before the "war" comes to us and is successful in countering our "preparations." Civil insurrection (and violence) may follow, on a wider scale, especially in cities. It will not be quickly contained and it's that "contingency" I find concerning. Reasonably, 3 days (minimum) will likely be needed for a "recovery" of public order. During that time, anything could happen. If you don't believe that, read the FEMA after-action report on Katrina. It's enlightening.

For me, the shotgun is an ideal "urban" defense weapon. The Benelli M4 has the advantage of a very high cycle rate, combined with effective munition choices common to all shotguns. In a 25yd AO radius, it's almost always lethal with the appropriate shot shell. It's military issued and combat proven. For me, that's all I need. I also use (and, in my opinion, recommend) a pistol for 80% or more of "defensive posture" applications. My choice is a SIG P220 with .45 ACP 185gr 1,000 FPS jacketed HP. Again, this round is almost always lethal in a 25yd AO, shoulders to waist. Both the shot shells and the .45 ACP have limited "ballistic energy" for longer ranges, unlike 7.62 and 5.56 rounds which can travel more than a mile with lethal energy. In a city with almost a million people packed into 50 square miles, that's a bad idea.

In the pictures I shared you see two set-ups. The first is "lighter" and designed for mobility. The second is "heavier" and designed for property defense with limited mobility. It also adds an "intimidation factor" for discouragement. My choice for common use is the "lighter" set-up (the "run and gun" approach). If I need to protect where I live, I'll switch to the "heavier" set-up (the "hunker down" approach). Both are configured for "over the head" donning and I can be in them and ready in less than 30 seconds.

The "lighter" set-up is centered on the "Battle Belt." The Slick plate carrier uses L3 11" X 14" plate with no mounted accessories. The Battle Belt has shot shell, .45 ACP mags, an enhanced "blow out" pouch and the side arm mounted. The tacos will hold just about anything, so other options are available. The "heavier" set-up is centered on the "Plate Carrier." The Modular plate carrier uses L3 10" X 12" plate with mounted accessories. The side arm is mounted "drop leg" (if I need to dump the plate carrier). I've also configured the Modular plate carrier to dump the armor plate by single pull tabs to quickly reduce weight (if needed to run). Yes, it's heavy. Three layers of shot shell is impractical, so I would likely use two (the outer layer is Velcro attached). The water bladder acts as a counter weight for balance.

Hope this answers questions. I'd like to see pictures of other set-ups as well?

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