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Benelli MR1


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They were not imported for very long. For some reason they weren't very popular and, as I recall, there were issues.

Longer barrel? Not gonna happen. Why would you want a longer barrel on that gun?

Collapsible stock? Some may have been imported for the (probably) minuscule number of LE versions that MIGHT have been imported. Otherwise, not gonna happen.

Muzzle brake? You're gonna have to send the barrel off to get it threaded if you want that. I highly doubt ANY guns with threaded barrels were imported except for the above mentioned (possibly but unlikely) LE versions and it's highly unlikely any threaded barrels came in as parts.

Sling? There are a number of options there. The stock retention plate is similar in design to the older versions of the Benelli shotguns. The rear of a sling can be threaded through the slot. You'd have to get an adapter for the front and attach it to the pic rail. That stock retention plate was originally designed to allow the attachment of the old HK 3-point sling. The rear attachment point was a hook design (http://www.hkpro.com/forum/hk-reference-library/149945-hk-3-point-sling.html) that fit into the slot on the plate.

You're pretty much going to have to enjoy that gun as-is. I really like the concept and nearly bought one myself a few years back but it doesn't really do anything that a regular AR won't do and the AR is much more supported in the aftermarket.

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