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SBE Question


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That's seems like a good price.


But, I can buy that gun NIB with a 5-year warranty for $899 almost anywhere.


IMHO - it's the popularity of the SBE II that has driven the used SBE prices down.


I must admit, the SBE II is pretty darn cool - I want another one already.....


mudhen - CA

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Sig's are good guns. Expensive but good. Ya gotta love that 610. 10 mm is my favorite pistol round. I've got a Glock 20 and its never given me any trouble. 10 mm is a devestating round. The only semi-auto I've seen that can consecutively shoot the 10 mm round without giving you problems is the Glock. Not that there are a huge amount of manufactures that make guns that shoot the 10 mm.

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Sig and H&K doesn't make a 10 mm as you may or may not know. I work at a gun range and we rent out firearms. As you can imagine these guns take a-lot of abuse. The Glock 10 mm has never had any problems. (maybe a stovepipe from a limp wrist but thats not the guns fault). I need to edit the above about H&k not making a 10 mm. They offer the MP5 in 10 mm. Our range rents full autos and we have an MP5, but its chambered for 9mm. 10 mm in full auto would be sweet! Anyways my 10 mm Glock and the one we rent out at the range have never malfunctioned. I'd recommend one in a heartbeat. Very reliable.

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