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Taran Tactical Reduced Power Hammer Spring


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I just purchased a new Benelli M4 and joined this forum to learn as much as I can about this weapon system. Thank you all for all the information.


I installed a Taran Tactical reduced power hammer spring and my trigger pull went from around 8 pounds to 3 pounds. I thought this was great until I tried to shoot the weapon. All of the rounds failed to fire because of failure to ignite the primer, all the primers had little dimples on them. Clearly, there was insufficient power to barely dent the primers with 100% failure to ignite. I put the OEM hammer spring back and obtained 100% ignition with over 200 rounds to date.


I called Taran Tactical to get an idea of what the trigger pull should be with their reduced power hammer spring. I was told they were too busy to talk to me and to send an email. Well after a week of additional calls and two emails, I give up. They are quick to take our money but customer service seems terrible.


After trying to contact them and doing a search on this site I came up empty. So, I am hoping that someone can enlighten me if maybe I got a defective/wrong hammer spring, or another issue. I took out the OEM spring and re-installed the Taran Tactical-same issue. Put back the OEM hammer spring no problem. So I don't think its my installation procedure.


Anyway, I would appreciate any help particularly regarding 1) what is an anticipated trigger pull change from OEM to TAran Tactical hammers springs, and 2) Is this to be expected, i.e. failure to hit the primers other than with a teeny dimple. Yes, I changed the hammer and not trigger spring which resulted in a significant reduction in trigger pull and failure to ignite primers.


thank you for any and all information



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