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SBE II Finish Quality


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Picking up my SBE II / Steady Grip next week (after a RI seven day waiting period)...got the chance to do a brief inspection a few days ago...first look impressions..loved the feel, action, etc., but was somewhat dissappointed in the camo finish quality (Advantage Timber)....several small edge chips on the recv'r, around the trigger guard...a;so had a "1/8 glob of what looked like molten plastic hardened on the sidewall...scraped most off with my fingernail, but the camo pattern underneath appears a bit bleached (perhaps from the heat tranfereed by the plastic)...


Question: how anal have you guys gotten with yours...my only point of comparison is a with two Brownings I have...a Gold Deer Hunter and a Titanium Mountain A-bolt in Mossy Oak Durasoft....both these gun finishes are works of art...

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These "chips are so close to the recv'r / trigger guard edges, it screams poor pre- camo process cleaning to me....The molten plastic glob is just plain sloppy handling / quality control.


Anybody out there from Benelli?...Saw an adjacent thread on a camo blistering / chip problem brought up by another customer in late Dec...same gun...wondering if there was a bad production run on these finishes...

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All my Benelli camo finishes have been perfect out of the box, including my 2005 SBE II.


All, however, start wearing from the first hunt on.


The finish turns glossy and starts to fade to white in many places.


All film finishes have done this on my guns, regardless of the brand...


mudhen - CA

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