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Surefire M80 Question


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Where are you having fitting issues on it? The ones I fixed had a small amount of rubber to trim off from the section near the barrel/receiver. When Benelli added the larger seat ring to the M4 barrels, this caused some interference with the rail systems.


You can easily trim it off with a razor knife or sanding wheel on a Dremel.

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Yes, it appears that the rail butts up to the magazine tube bracket and creates a gap preventing the barrel from going into full battery into the receiver. I have metal to metal contact and was just wondering if there is anything I can do before I go making mods to a $2K shotgun or chew up an discontinued surefire rail. kind of between a rock and hard place. Do you have any pics of how much to sand off the rail?

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Hi yall. I know I'm late to the surefire m80 game seeing how they don't make them anymore, but was the fitting issue ever resolved or does anyone know how to make a non-fitting rail fit? I'm am having some fitting issues with mine I just got from a friend. Thanks.


My issue with the M80 was a bit different. When I would rapid fire every 3rd or 4th round would fail to feed. This would only happen on rapid fire. I was firing sabo slugs When I removed the M80 I observed the rubber melted where the Argo System pistons came into contact with the rubber. This was interfering with the Argo operating system. I notified Sure Fire and they told me to send mine to them for review. Although the M80 has been discontinued, Surefire had new m80's still in stock. After reviewing my M80 they agreed problem was on their side and sent me a new m80. I recommend for anyone who has the M80 Tri-Rail to rapid fire weapon. I owned mine for about 5 years. I only recently had the opportunity to rapid fire weapon.(8 rounds in 1 second). Firing 1 round per second was fine as most gun ranges require this type of shooting.

I sold the new m80 and bought an all aluminum B&T Quad rail. Rapid fires like a champ. Blessings...

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