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Painful Trigger Guard on SBE III


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So I recently bought a new SBE III and "broke it in" using some 3.5" Mag. 1.75 ounce shells at a tower pheasant shoot. I shot about a box and a half and the trigger guard was absolutely crushing my middle finger with each shot. 10 days later my middle finger is still sore when touched.


I know I'm not the first one to encounter this, so does anyone have any ideas or solutions other than "shoot lighter loads?" I will not be shooting any more 1.75 ounce loads but I will shoot some 1 9/16 ounce loads and 1 3/8 ounce loads for sure.


Thanks in advance.

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I should mention that I did not have this problem with the SAME AMMUNITION in my old SBE (now a boat anchor) or my dad's old Browning 2000 because they don't have the unusually thick trigger guard necessitated by the oversized safety that Benelli is so proud of.


Can you change your grip? Is your grip proper? I'm not saying you are the problem, but you may have to change if you're to make the gun work for you, or modify the gun.

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