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Unique Benelli M1 issue

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So, I wanted a collapsible stock for my Benelli M1 Super90. I found that my receiver did not have the 21mm diameter hole used by the Supernova/M4 tubes. After a quick trip to the gunsmith I got around that issue.

So now I have an M4 collapsible stock on it and I find the three position limit ... limiting.

I'm looking to install the supernova tube/stock but the tube I have does not come with a spring. I tried moving over the spring from either my stock tube or the m4 tube but the size of the "stopper" was not wide enough for the supernova tube.

So, my question is this. Does anyone know the correct part to purchase that will give me the Supernova 6 position collapsible stock tube and have a spring already installed in it?

Sorry for the long read, thanks for the help!

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Well, this has been helpful...


Lack of a response is usually indicative of a lack of a solution. Have you considered the possibility that nobody here knows the answer to your question because there may not be one?

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Yeah... you're mixing parts from a newer semi-auto and a pump to an older model semi-auto. This is going to be new ground you are breaking...

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