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How to Install part 60004 SBE 2 Extended Bolt Catch Release


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Hi all. After waiting a few moths, I was finally able to find a Performance Shop  Extended Bolt Release for my SBE 2. It is part number Benelli part number 60004. 

It came with no instruction. However, I did know how to remove the stock bolt release from the receiver and have done so. 

The problem now is the the the button on the Performance Shop bolt release is to large to fit in the receiver hole. 

Has anyone installed this part before?  Does the button unscrew from the assembly for installation?

Any help would be appreciated.!




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Have you searched YouTube?

When I purchased an extended bolt release for my Benelli M4, I found countless videos showing how to install it. Don't get hung up on finding a video showing how to install the exact bolt release you purchased. Just find videos show how to install 'extended bolt release' for the model of Benelli you have. Your exact part will be similar enough to be installed in a similar fashion.

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Yes I search YouTube. That is why I’m posting here.  

I appreciate your post, but I need instructions specific to this performance shop part  it is a Benelli part and no aftermarket  

I know how to take off the catch release and install. That is no the issue. 


60004 has the button already installed. It replaces the stock button and bolt catch. 

My question is specific to this part. I am not installing just the button (drilling and tapping stock button)


i need to know if the button unscrews. I’ve tried, but I do not want to vent the actual release. 



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