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M1 Super 90


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I purchased a new to me M1 Super 90. It is marked Heckler & Koch. I took it out to the range and it ran great. I cycled bird shot, buck shot, and slugs flawlessly. I brought it home and cleaned it, and upon further inspection I found that the recoil spring tube does not have a nut on it like others have described in my researched. How do I remove the recoil spring? Is this something I should not attempt? I am not overly concerned about this right now but I know that in the future I will need to replace the spring. Any information on this or overall feedback on the shotgun is welcome. I really enjoyed this shooting this shotgun even though it was only about 70 rounds.




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You'll have to remove the magazine tube from the receiver.  It will probably take some heating up at the interface to loosen up the thread locker.  Those early M1's had a full-length, one-piece tube rather than a sectioned tube that came on later models.

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2 hours ago, Fodderwing said:

The OP mentions "recoil spring".

The response discusses the magazine spring.

So, is the question regarding the recoil spring or the magazine spring?



Yeah, I just assumed he meant magazine spring since he didn't mention taking the stock off.  Probably should have clarified that.  

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You will still need to apply heat where the tube screws into the receiver.  After heating I would try to use strap wrench to unscrew the tube.

Reinstallation would require a small drop of blue lock tight.


In the meantime I would enjoy the shotgun and not worry about the spring until problems arise.  It will likely take many thousands of rounds before you have trouble.

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Thank you for all the help. I will not worry about the spring for now since it’s running great. If anything happens in the future I now know the process.

This thing is very sctratched up on the receiver but is a great shooter.


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