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Montefeltro Cylinder Choke

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I ordered a Cylinder choke from Benelli a couple of years ago for my 2012-2013 Montefeltro 12 gauge. I failed to check the fit of the choke to my gun for about 1.5 - 2 years. Of course, it did not fit. I called Benelli customer support, confessed my tardiness in checking the fit,  and was asked if the threads on my barrel were at the lower or upper part of the front of the barrel. I answered that the threads were at the lower part. The choke that I was provided has the threads at the top of the choke, and it doesn't fit. The Benelli rep. said I was given the wrong choke. He kindly said he would send me free of charge a choke that would fit.


When the second choke arrived, I quickly checked it for fit. It fit just fine. Further, the threads were located about 1/4 of the length of the choke from the top. But then I looked on the side of the choke and noticed that it says: "Benelli By Trulock, SBE II/M2, IC .715." there are no notches in the top of the choke. 


What kind of choke is this? My gun is a Montefeltro. It is neither a SBE or M/2. Does "IC" stand for Improved Cylinder? Does .715 represent the constriction? I note that the first choke I was furnished says on it, "Benelli by Trulock, CYL .725." Is the second choke that I was furnished an Improved Cylinder instead of a Cylinder? Will a SBE/M2 choke work on my Montefeltro?


What is the significance of the choke threads being at the top of the choke rather than about 1/4 for the length to the top (like the second choke the I was furnished? It seems like I recall the Benelli rep. saying something like my gun requiring a Crio choke, and the the first choke was not. If I remember correctly, what is a "Crio" choke vs a non Crio choke? 


I was once told that the interior of the barrel to my Montefeltro was not Crio. If that is correct, why is a Crio choke needed?


My most important inquiry, however, is what kind of choke is the second one that Benelli furnished me?


Thank you very much.

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On April 18, 2019 at 7:42 AM, jimbo45 said:

The second seems like it must be improved cylinder based on the marking. Weird there are no notches though. Also the montefeltro does take crio chokes just like the sbe. You can see this on the benelli website.

Depends on the age, I had a Monty made 12 - 15 years ago that had the old style, non-Crio chokes.  I sold my Monty when I bought an Ethos.

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