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I am working on science project. Does type of shot gun shell enhance the power of a 12 guage Benelli automatic? I am using three grades of shells - low price, middle price and higher price shells. Please send me your opinion by email.

I am conducting interviews. If you have information, I appreciate your participation.


Thank you. Happy Hunting!!!!!!!!

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You need to clarify your question a bit.

By "type", do you mean brand?

Are you asking if there is a difference between different brands of identical load configuration... length, shot size, shot type, and powder charge?

Or are you asking if different shot/powder configurations make a difference (obvious answer = yes), and why?

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In trying to give a reletive short answer to your question, yes it does matter what brand and load being used. If you go out and buy a Ferrari and run 87 octane gas in it, you wont get the performance out of it. Same with almost any autoloader. You use cheap ammo, made cheap, looks cheap, will perform cheap. Especially in 2 3/4 inch. Like this Winchester Super Speed or Universal, sounds fast...not worth a hoot in an auto loader. Using a standard Winchester AA target load is much better. Also maintaining the gun well should be a factor with no aftermarket parts. Especially in a 3 1/2 inch sporting arm. But like Fez said, get a chronograph some ammo and some books and establish your own conclusions.

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