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Input from people that have had their M4 NP3 Plated by ROBAR


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Excellent process. The Weapon will feel and sound completely different once done. Very little if any tolerance stacking issues with NP3. The recoil impulse is different. Like the recoil isn’t as sharp. 


Some who who have had Robar do their disassembly and reassembly have not been completely happy with the results. Many items are skipped since they’re a PITA to get apart. Items such as the bolt. 


You’ll want all your aftermarket accessories plated along with the shotgun for cosmetics  


The process is super expensive. You can count on around 900-1000 dollars by the time you do the chemical stripping and shipping costs. 


The process takes along time. I typically see 9-15 weeks for parts to return. 



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I’ve done that too. There are a host of parts that benefit the cycling. You can run lighter loads trouble free when the plating is done. The M4 doesn’t show much for corrosion unlike a lot of other shotguns out there. So the main benefit to Np3 is going to be the lubrications and resistance to failure aspect. One of mine I don’t even bother cleaning. I just squirt more oil in and it is good to go. Adding more oil probably isn’t even necessary. That M4 has well over 18,000 rounds thru it. I think I’ve been up around 4000 before I feel bad enough to clean it.

Biggest benefit to cycling to least for plating;

Bolt Carrier

Receiver Extension


Receiver extension Plunger


Bolt Carrier Link

Bolt Head


Magazine Follower

Magazine Tube

Firing Pin

BCG cam pin

BCG link pin

Bolt Breech Lever

Bolt Breech Lever Pin

Breech Latch Plunger

Aluminum trigger frame 

Hammer Bushing

Shell Elevator

Shell release lever

Disconnector Plunger

Bolt Release Lever

Bolt Release Lever Pin


Tearing apart things like the ARGO plugs is doable and make it easier to clean. You won’t see much performance improvement though. 

When buying say a trigger pack from FFT, the components are already plated in Np3. You don’t have to risk messing plating ground surfaces. 

I made a jig to polish the interior of the magazine tubes after plating. It’s basically a big cleaning rod for shotguns that has fine steel wool on it. It’s then run thru it for 10 minutes or so to bring the interior to a polished mirror surface.


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