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Rust on Choke Tube threads


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Hi guys, so I recently went to take out my choke out of my sb2 and realized that I forgot to clean it at the end of duck season and my choke had rusted and got stuck in my barrel. After a trip to the gunsmith who got it unstuck, there is still a lot of rust built up on the threads of the choke. I tried soaking it in hopps no. 9 for a few minutes and taking a brush to it but it didn't remove much. Does anybody have any other ideas? Also there is a little rust built up on the threads inside of the barrel, I've put a little hopps in there but it hasn't came out. Any ideas there? Thank you everybody I appreciate it! 

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I'd try a choke thread chaser (should be on the other end of your choke wrench) and start using a choke grease to prevent moisture from getting in there.  Depending on how bad the choke is I'd either just buy a new one or try a more aggressive rust removing chemical... but I'd lean towards the new choke.

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You'll have to remove the rust mechanically. Meaning you'll need to use a wire brush to remove it. If you have a vise, I'd put the choke in some padded jaws, length wise so you aren't biting on the sides of the choke. Then hit the rusted areas with the wire brush or a dremel with a wire wheel (wear safety glasses).

This part is going to be prone to rusting more in the future since its protective coating has been compromised. You might want to just buy a replacement choke. They also make greases that are meant for chokes to prevent it from getting stuck again in the future. The grease will also help prevent rust. Briley also makes a nice choke wrench that will give you a lot more leverage than the wrench that the shotgun comes with. It will be less likely to unscrew on you during firing sessions.

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