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Advantages of pistol grip for M2?


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The advantage of a pistol grip stock is that it is easier to handle single-handedly with your strong hand freeing up your support hand, very difficult to do that with a field stock. A field stock is much more comfortable when carrying your shotgun for extended periods of time (using both hands to carry it). JMO

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I agree with Sukhoi.  I recently swapped out my pistol grip for a conventional stock so I could do speed loading with my support hand without changing my strong hand grip position.  I was finally able to check it out yesterday and do some speed loading practice.  Worked pretty well.  The conventional stock is about 5.6 oz lighter, at least that's what my mail scale told me.  I found no difference or preference in the feel of the grip.  But then again, some folks adapt and overcome without even thinking about it and some are very particular to subtleties.  I'm of the former variety.

Of course the pistol grip adds some badassery looks to the gun as does the ghost ring sight.  If the gun is for home defense, then I'd stick with the pistol grip as it does enable (IMO) better weapon maneuver single handed, than a conventional stock.  Think door opening or calling 911 on a cell or pushing/pulling family members out of the way all while keeping a shooting grip on the gun.  It can be done with a conventional stock, just not as well.  Again, just my opinion.

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Hi, yes I've noticed that the 3 gun shooters/competition shooters tend to use the conventional stock to load fast. The pistol grip looks good but I'll probably stick to the conventional stock having read your reply and Sukhoi fan's reply.  This is because I use it out in the field, rather than for home defence. 

Thanks for replying!

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