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New M2 20 gauge double feeds


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I have had 3 SBE2S great guns. Passed down 2 to sons.  Just bought grandson  :)    (age 8 months) a. 20 gauge M2 for me to take to South Dakota to “break-in” for him.  I really like how it mounts and patterns.  Only trouble is it randomly mis-feeds forcing me to get out my pocket knife to get things un jammed.  After firing and ejecting spent shell, a new shell is released and flipped up to be grabbed by the bolt but somehow another shell is released out of the tube and gets lodged against the shell that is getting chambered.   Has anyone ever had this problem?  Any ideas of how to fix it?

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Rare to have the 20ga double feed. Sometimes the mag spring is way too strong and can force a shell past the latch. Suggest cutting about 6" from the mag spring and try it again. If it still does it then the shell latch/bolt release could have already been damaged if it's the newer 2 piece latch. For the heck of it, check the drop lever spring to make sure it's still hooked over the drop lever, that will cause it also. 

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This sounds to be a Carrier Latch which is our of adjustment.  I would not cut the magazine spring tube.  This will come back to surface again later in the guns life cycle.  I replace several carrier latches per year, these are mostly from gun that have had extended magazine spring tube added.  However I have seen a least one gun, brand new with the carrier latch out of adjustment.


Please send me a PM, glad to help.




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