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Without knowing this gun, there are three reasons I can think of for this:

1.  The firing pin is jammed forward.  Either it is peened and jammed in the hole, or there is carbon or crud buildup in the hole.  Net, the protruding firing pin hot the primer as the bolt closed.

2.  Firing pin momentum.  Dunno if this gun has a firing pin return spring, but if the bolt closed fast enough, the momentum of the firing pin can carry it forward.  It's not unusual to see a small dimple in the primer on an M1 or an AR-15, because they do not have a return spring on the firing pin.  That said, it is rare to hear of a slam fire.

3.  Hammer follow.  For some reason, the sear did not catch the hammer when the bolt closed, so the hammer started to swing as the bolt was closing.

Whatever the cause, if it ignited the case prior to the bolt being closed, I imagine it could swell the base of the uncontained case, which is why extraction was difficult.

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