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Benelli Montefeltro Steel Shot


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Hi everyone,

i'm a young french hunter who bought an old Benelli Montefeltro Super 90 a year ago (those with external chokes).

This season i decided to hunt ducks but the law out here enforce us to shoot steel ammo on water.

My Benelli was bought on a auction and i don't have the user manual.


My question is: can i shoot steel ammo ? is the rifle 1370 Bars tried (as written in most benelli user manuals) ?  


I'll provide some pictures if you need it


Best regards 

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Is the choke marked in any way?  This appears to be the original Mobil Choke system which is fine, however who is the Manufacture of the choke and what is the restriction?  You could easily just purchase a 710 restriction or improved or modified Benelli Mobil choke for this as well.   I very much like the 710 Franchi extended choke which is a Mobile Choke system as well.  These are made by TruLock.

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Not this one. This choke is a smooth ring initialy mounted on a franchi. I bought it just to protect the thread during un-choked firing. The choke  delivered with gun was like this one https://cdn3.roumaillac.com/134791-large_default/choke-exterieur-pour-fusil-benelli-et-franchi.jpg with YY IMP MOD marked on  and "Benelli Armi Urbino".

I'll check on it if "Steel shot ok" is marked on 


Looking forward for your replies


Best regards

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