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Choke suggestion for Goose Hunting

DJ Dan

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Have an '05 20 guage 3 inch Montefeltro. Am going cornfield goose hunting with 3 inch Remington

Hevi Shot 1 1/8th ounce 6's. Are modified or full choke tube best for 40-50 yard Canada geese? Are tubes ok with this Hevi Shot? Any Benelli waterfowl hunters use the 20 Montefeltro? Anyone patterned the Remington Hevi Shot at 45-50 yards in 6 shot size? Will that shot harm my bore or choke tubes? Thanks. DJ Dan, Flint MI

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Truthfully, the best way for you to answer your questions is to go pattern the gun yourself.


Modified should be fine with hevi-shot. I am unsure as to whether Full would be, but I suspect it should be if you aren't going to go any larger than 6.


Which raises my final question, why are you hunting goose with 6? I shoot duck with 4 and usually cover goose with 2. I'm not being critical, just curious.



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DJ Dan, I shoot Hevi Shot in my SBE II both over Decoys and in the field. Modified may be starting to get a bit out there for 50 yard honkers. I would go with a Briley extended IM for that distance.


As for the Hevi Shot. 6's are good for ducks, 4's for Snow Geese, and 2's should be used for the big boys at that distance.


Good Hunting.

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