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ordering c-stock question


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Ok, this might not be the most well received question but I'm going to ask anyway.  I was looking at picking up a C-stock for my new M4, knowing full well the cost of these is sort of silly.  I ran across a website that sells benelli accessories and a few items are for law enforcement only (C-stock one of them), but figured I would have to enter a bunch of LE info and that just wouldn't work.  After checking the box saying I am a LE officer, it lets me go all the way through the order process and never asks for any LE confirmation.  

I would consider my self a normal law abiding citizen, as most on here would be.  I wondered what ramifications would be likely if ever called out on this?  I didn't hit the final "place order" button, and maybe I would be stopped there anyway.  I can order the exact same part through other websites at much higher cost that have no "LE" question.

What would you do?

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I'd order it and make sure my M4 is 922(r) compliant with the C-stock with the C-stock installed prior to installing it. Generally websites that advertise "LEO or military only" will allow you to complete your shopping cart transaction and then email you afterwards for "official verification." If you fail to provide "official verification" they will simply cancel your order. While I've never experienced it there may be some vendors out there who advertise that way yet never seek verification.

Vendors are in business to make sales, you never know if you don't give it a shot.

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Valid points, thanks for posting.  I guess I am just leery if I actually completed the order, my paranoid mind would be worried someone would knock on my door and bust me for pretending I was a LEO.  Then again, it is not an illegal item that is ONLY ever available to law enforcement.

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