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M1-M4 Trigger Group Compatibility


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I'm currently on the search for a complete Benelli M4 trigger group.  Every location online appears to be out of stock. I was wondering if the M1, M2, M3 trigger group is the same as the M4, and if they are interchangeable? They look very similar, but since I'm not physically comparing the two, its hard to tell. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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They’re not the same for the frames, but some of the small parts are interchangeable. 

I know I have two stripped oem frames in the shop. One is an aluminum frame that was NP3+ plated and another is a plastic one that is Cerakoted dark earth. 

I probably have the majority of the small parts that go in them. The small parts are all NP3 plated. I can look tonight to see exactly what is needed if you’re interested in either of them. 

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@StrangerDanger I was looking at those trigger guards too. I'm open to all options honestly.  My master plan was to try and send a trigger group out to Briley's for a trigger job, but I didn't want to be without a complete trigger group assembly. What's more, there was a forum member on here that apparently had his sent trigger group lost enroute to Brileys...yikes!

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It’s scary mailing parts. I thankfully haven’t lost any, but I have had a few take some weird detours and get lost for a few weeks. Anyone who has gotten packages from me knows how I zip tie them into the box and make sure nothing says gun parts on the box or shipping label. If it’s going to Bob’s Guns, I’m only listing Bob’s. 

The A&S frame would be the best choice for your build. The machining is better than on the OEM frames. The Briley trigger will work just as well in any frame you put them in. Then you can add whatever aftermarket parts you want into that frame like the TTI or FFT carrier or an oversized safety button. The A&S frame will also count as a US made part. 

Here and at AR15.com I get hit up a lot if the Benelli is mentioned. A lot of the old threads still pop up when doing google searches, which leads them to me. Usually I can walk someone thru fixing a problem. If not, having a FFL license helps a lot. 

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I have three of the trigger frames. One NP3+, one Nickel Boron and burnt bronze exterior, and one plastic one painted in Benelli Dark Earth.

I have all the internal parts except for the pin that retains the safety and OEM trigger.


I still think you'd be best served with the A&S Engineering frame.

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Sorry it took so long to price things out. Been busy this weekend. 

The parts were sourced from Brownells, and applicable parts were then plated thru Robar. I think your plan is to buy the A&S Engineering frame? If so, you’ll get the rear trigger pin and the safety detent pin. You’d be best server buying aftermarket triggers, disconnectors, hammers, carriers and safety buttons. Aftermarket springs for the trigger/carrier/hammer can be purchased from FFT - but they aren’t cheap. 

2. Disconnector Pin: 7.99

3. Disconnector Spring: 8.99

4. Disconnector Plunger: 9.99 (NP3)

5. OEM Disconnector: 33.99 (NP3)
6. OEM trigger (Don’t have one)

7. Trigger Spring: 10.99

8. Carrier Spring: 10.99

9. Carrier Plunger: 11.99 (NP3)

10. Hammer Spring: 11.99

11. Hammer Cap: 9.99 (NP3)

12. OEM Hammer: 60.99 (NP3)

13. Breech Latch: 19.99 (NP3)

14. Breech Latch Pin: 11.99 (NP3)

15. Snap Ring: 11.99 (NP3)

16. OEM Carrier: 55.96 (Cerakote black)

17. Trigger Bushing: 15.99 (NP3)

18. Shell Release Lever: 36.99 (NP3)

19. OEM Aluminum Trigger Frame: 200.00 (NP3)
20. Trigger Pin: 18.99 (OEM frame needs two, A&S needs one) (NP3)

21. OEM safety: 24.99 (NP3 and black Cerakote)

22. Safety Plunger Retainer Pin: Don’t have one
23. Shell Release Spring: 11.99

24. Safety Plunger: 20.99 (NP3)
25. Safety Plunger Spring: Don’t have one. 

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@StrangerDanger I apologize for taking forever to get back to you on this topic.  I was supposed to have gone to the range Tuesday to try out my new M4 for the first time, but that didn't happen until yesterday.  It was a wonderful experience, but I apparently didn't bring enough ammo, as it felt like it lasted 2 minutes. I'm going to attempt to directly message you about moving forward with these parts. ?

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