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Scope base mounting screws not lining up


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Hello all. I had a scope mounted on my M1 Super 90 back in 1991. To make a long story short, I had purchased the first available rifled barrels that were manufactured by Benelli. The shop I had ordered through said it was a cantilever mount barrel, so all I needed to do was purchase the barrel, put some rings and scope on it, and I was good to go. The barrel was not cantilevered, so I needed to have the gun drilled and tapped. Then I needed a special forearm to accommodate the new barrel. Bottom line, the gun finished out way over the cost I was quoted. I am actually glad that I got the iron sights, as I can remove the Warne quick release rings to use the iron sights when needed.

The problem I have now is the spacing of the holes that were drilled for the scope base. They are not the same spacing, and I cannot find a base that will line up with these holes. I looked through all of my bases, and cannot find anything that will line up. I know I didn't throw out the original bases that were placed on the gun by the gunsmith who drilled the holes, but I cannot find anything to line up with the holes. As can be seen in the attached picture, the forward two holes are farther apart than the rear two holes. All of the bases I have line up with the rear holes, but not the forward two holes. Am I missing something here? Why would the holes be of a different spacing, and is there a mount that I can get without having to drill a new hole?

Benelli spacing.jpg

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I couldn't find anywhere to edit the OP, but I wanted to add that the rear holes are 5/8" apart and the front holes are 7/8" apart. I think I saw some Remington 700 mounts that look similar, but without calling them to verify, it seems like I'm driving blind here. I also saw some Leopold two piece bases where they seemed to be of a different spacing. I cannot understand where the base is that came off of the gun. I believe that it was one piece, but I'm not sure of that.

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Try Murphy precision. If he doesn’t have a matching base he can fab one for you. I had to have him make me a one piece 20 MOA base for my Dakota target rifle bc Talley only made a 2 piece. 

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