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TAC2 Bolt release M4


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I've tried both.  They each worked just fine and I didn't have any issues arise with either.  The GGG machines a slot in the factory release mechanism that orients the button properly.  The Tac2 doesn't do that.  While I never had problems with either, personally I went with the round Nordic button (you have to do your own drill/tap for that one).  The factory mechanism's post is a press fit into the internal mechanism and can loosen with use or a direct hit on the release button.  If that happens, the rectangular release buttons on the Tac2 & GGG can kind of spin around and get out of position and interfere with your operation of the bolt.  If the release button is round and it spins around there's no similar ill effect.  That's my story anyway.

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6 hours ago, als6mt said:


Has anyone tried the Tac2 Bolt release assembly. Wanted to get one since the GG&G is not in stock anywhere? Wondering how it stacks up against GG&G in quality and reliability.



I emailed GG@G and received this response

hane Worley

Wed, May 27, 1:18 PM (1 day ago)
to me

Hello Michael,

We will be. We are just waiting for more Benelli factory latches to come in for us to modify. Benelli Italy was closed for 2+ months for Covid-19.

Shane Worley

Senior Product Specialist

GG&G, Inc.


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