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Will the M4 still run with both pistons broken?


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A buddy of mine who owned a gun store for several years was telling me today that he understood that a Benelli M4 will still cycle with both pistons broken, that it was designed to still operate on blowback force when the gas system isn't working. Any truth to that? Has anyone ever tried shooting a Benelli M4 with both pistons out?

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Never tried it with two removed, but mine worked with a single piston when one broke free and was rattling around inside the receiver. Didn't notice until that piece jammed the bolt carrier. I noticed it felt a little sluggish cycling. This was back when I had a 4 port 11703. 50 rounds in to the new gun, I broke the piston and had to wait for Benelli to replace it for a month.

I imagine the shotgun would function with the pistons removed. The action doesn't rely on the pistons to unlock anything. Heavier loads would cycle better than lighter ones I'd guess.

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